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Government of Kirov region

The leading position in the oblast's economy is taken by the industry.

The oblast's industry complex is represented by around 500 large and medium-size enterprises as well as by 1050 small companies at which 154.3 tousand people are employed, this is 21.7% of the total population employed in the oblast's economy.

The oblast industry has a unique production base and high-grade tecnological techniques. In certain industry segments the oblast occupies the leading position in Russia and namely: wood-processing machinery, metal-working machinery, car tires, mineral fertilizers elevator guiding rails, railway platform mounted cranes and other goods.

In the oblast has been created a diversified manufacturing industry «not aimed at the raw materials extraction».

In the manufacturing  industry which produces more than 95% of the oblast's manufactured goods there exist 1372 enterprises of which 386 are large-scale representing major industries - the machine-building, the metal-working industries,  chemical and petrochemical industries, power-producing industry, light industry, food industry, microbiology and medical industries, printing industries, wood-processing industry, pulp-and-paper industry.

The share of the extractive industry is 4.4% it includes   timber-felling industry, peat-cutting industry, petrol producing industry (in small quantities) and nonmetalliferous construction materals industry.

The leading industry is machine-building represented by the companies in the following industry branches: aircraft, electrotechnical, machine-tool building, instrument-making, lifting-transport-machinery-building, agricaltural machinery-building. The industry's foundation is made up of the enterprises of the defense industry, these companies make up a third of the oblast's industrial potential. The share  of the defense industry is slightly more than a quarter (26%) of the oblast's industry production asets.

The largest defense industry companies producing the greatest volume and bringing the largest tax revenue into the budgeting system are such public corporation as: the Avitek machine-building plant of Vyatka, the Molot machine-building plant of Vyatskie-Polyany, the Lepse electrical machines building plant. The companies  of machine-building  specializing in the manufacture of high-tec goods  manufacturing machinery and high-quality consumer goods being able to substitute imported ones. On the ground of the Vesta public company CANDY (an Italian comany) realizes an investment project aimed at the manufacture of new models of automatic washing machines.

One of the most important position in the oblast's economy is occupied by the chemical and the petrochemical industries, represented by two largest companies: the Kirovo-Chepetsk chemical plant named after B.P. Konstantinov public compamy and the Amtel-Povolzhie public company. As a result of these companies' work  the oblast is Russia's one of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers, car tires; it is a monoplistic producer of certain kinds of fluorocarbon polymers and fluorinated lubricants. Around 70% of the produced polytetrafluoroethylene and more than 30% of mineral fertilizers are exported into the countries members ofthe CIS.

More than 600 companies af which 163 are large- and medium-size operate in the timber industry. They manufacture a wide range of sawn timber, furniture, wood-chip boards and wood fiberboards, plywood, parquet boards, skis, paper, packaging cardboard, charcoal. The oblast produces 5-16% of Russia's certain timber products.

By the volume of felled and transported industrial timber the oblast occupies the 8th place in Russia and the 1st one in the Privolzhsky Federal district; by the production of the sawn timber the oblast occupies the 4th and the 1st positions respectively.

In the light industry we can witness fast-paced development of leather-shoe manufacture: companies of this industry produce more than 22% of Russia's yuft leather goods. By the number of manufactured footware the oblast occupies the 8th place in the Russian Federation and the 2nd one in the Privolzhsky Federal district.

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